YouTuber Ranboo Comes Out

Amiel Rose Andres - April 28, 2022
YouTuber Ranboo Comes Out

After posting the message “srs,” which stands for “serious,” the YouTuber quickly became a Twitter trending topic on Sunday (24 April).

It followed online conjecture about his sexuality. A few hours later, the 18-year-old thanked followers for their encouraging remarks on his alternate Twitter account. 

He tweeted, “Yo just wanted to say thanks for all the support with everything and tonight lol have been wanting to do that for a while tonight just lined up well. And for those confused basically I guess I am technically unlabeled as the way I have kinda always gone around life just being attracted to whoever I am attracted to it just so happens that most of them line up with a ‘certain type’ you could say lol am okay with the gay label :)”

Friends and followers were seen sharing their messages of pride as Minecraft UK heavyweight Tommyinnit stated: “literal king s**t my big Gay friend”. 

Since joining YouTube in January 2020, the American streamer has earned over 60 million views. Ranboo hides his genuine identity by appearing in videos wearing a mask. He is a new member of the Misfits Gaming Group. The social media star, who has about four million subscribers, is also a member of the Dream SMP Minecraft server and has over four million Twitch followers. After an increase in trolling of LGBT+ creators, Twitch announced in March that it would consider taking legal action against “hate raids.” 

“Hate has no place on Twitch,” Twitch said in response to the targeted attacks. The perpetrators had been identified, and their accounts had been suspended, according to the statement.

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