Trainwrecks Wins $10,000,000

Amiel Rose Andres - August 17, 2023
Trainwrecks Wins $10,000,000

Tyler “Trainwreckstv,” a co-owner of Kick and a Twitch broadcaster, recently returned to the world of gambling streams and somehow won a whopping $10 million during a live stream on Kick.

It’s important to note that he used, an online casino that also provides funding for his streaming service, to play a Slots game. Tyler is known for having significant gambling wins on his livestreams. His most recent one occurred as he was wagering a specific amount of $9.9 million on the online slot machine “Wanted: Dead or Wild” at This particular game has a grid with 15 fixed pay lines that is made up of five reels and five columns. 

One of the well-known streamers connected to gambling material is Trainwreckstv. He used to broadcast from the same platform when he first started on Twitch. But he has subsequently moved his content to Kick as a result of Twitch’s ban on content. Trainwreckstv’s most recent streaming session resulted in significant earnings for him because he was able to accumulate around $10 million while playing the slots. In response to his victory, he yelled: “I got the full screen! I got the full screen! I got the full screen! Oh my god! I got the full screen! We’ll take a five (5x), I don’t care. It’s min (minimum) win, but we’ll take it. We got the full screen, we just asked for it. Oh my god! what is this? 10 mil! I knew it was coming. Listen, I am a delusional sick f**k but I knew it was coming. Guys, it came. It came. It f**king came. Oh my god!”

Even while his most recent victory is spectacular, it doesn’t compare to his record-breaking feat. When Trainwreckstv won a staggering $22.5 million playing the “Might of Ra” slots game on in April 2022, they created Twitch history.

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