Streamer Perrikaryal Plays Elden Ring Using Her Voice

Amiel Rose Andres - August 16, 2023
Streamer Perrikaryal Plays Elden Ring Using Her Voice

Although Elden Ring has been portrayed in some very bizarre ways in the past, this performance is by far the most enjoyable for those of us watching at home.

Perrikaryal, a Twitch broadcaster, has just discovered how to use her voice to control the newest game from FromSoft, using different notes to carry out specific activities.The end product is a lovely melody that meshes so well together that it might pass for the game’s actual soundtrack. It’s understandable why Perrikaryal stated the run makes her feel like a siren. But even more remarkable is how well she’s doing in spite of her unusual style of playing. Many of us would find it difficult to play regularly, much less manage to sing along with The Lands Between.

Perri is skilled at timing those crucial dodge rolls and landing a number of punches, as can be seen in the highlight video posted on Twitter. However, it’s worth watching the entire stream since it’s rewarding and highly dedicated to see her painstakingly match each control to a different note.

Who knows, Perri appears to have intentions to continue honing her Elden Ring singing runs. Maybe in the future this may turn into a popular challenge run. On a dance mat, with two distinct screens active at once, fans are already playing without suffering any harm. So long as they can consistently hit all the notes, this new vocal-based run will undoubtedly appeal to a number of fans in the community. Perri has attempted Elden Ring challenge runs before. She had previously defeated the game with an EEG controller, which effectively gave her mental power over it. This functioned by connecting various powers and orders to brain activity, essentially allowing her to perform tasks by simply thinking about them.

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