xQc Talks About Steph Curry

Amiel Rose Andres - July 18, 2023
xQc Talks About Steph Curry

Felix “xQc,” a well-known online personality, broadcast live on his Twitch channel. The content creator was looking through hot TikToks when he came upon a popular video showcasing Stephen “Steph” Curry’s most recent golf victory.

For background, let’s mention that the basketball player took part in the American Century Championship and shot a 152-yard hole-in-one there. Steph Curry’s accomplishment, according to xQc, was “pure luck” and that the latter’s hole-in-one was not impressive. The French-Canadian personality questioned his audience if the hole-in-one was “nice” while they were watching Steph Curry’s viral footage. Then he said that a golf hole-in-one was just “pure luck”: “Is that good? Chat, hole-in-ones are pure luck, let’s be honest. Chat, let’s be honest, chat. There is no hole-in-one that isn’t pure luck.”

The Twitch star described it as a “simple notion,” but claimed a number of factors could influence a golf ball’s trajectory and prevent it from being a hole-in-one. Golfers don’t usually aim for the ball to land in the cup directly, according to xQc as well: “Because it is a simple concept. Because every strike that you do has a purpose. Right? Has a purpose. There is so much garbage that can happen to a ball, for it to be a hole-in-one, that most of you don’t even control. Okay? You drive the ball to drive it in the right direction. You’re not aiming for the actual hole itself. That’s just not what they are doing. Trying to get the ball, like, what the f**k are you talking about? Out of that, the wedge, the iron, the f**king putter… yeah! Most of it is luck!”

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