xQc Talks About His Current Health

Amiel Rose Andres - July 24, 2023
xQc Talks About His Current Health

After disclosing his most recent health condition and saying he needs to see a doctor, streaming star xQc has alarmed his fans.

It’s more than fair to claim that xQc is one of the biggest streamers in the world with close to 12 million followers behind him on Twitch before his shocking transfer to Stake-backed site Kick. It’s understandable why the 27-year-old ruled Twitch as their top streamer, being the most-watched channel on the Amazon-owned platform for multiple years in a row. He streams at least 10 hours per day, and occasionally even up to 20 hours per day routinely. The Juicer has admitted to his admirers that he needs to see a doctor, which suggests that the numerous hours of grinding each day may be starting to wear on him.

At the conclusion of his July 21 Kick feed, xQc played his outro before coming back to engage his audience in a more serious discussion before ending the broadcast.

The streamer revealed to fans that he’s noticed a problem with his shoulder, and may need some medical attention. “No joke, I’m going to stop stalling. I have to go to the doctor soon,” he said. When xQc moved his arm, his shoulder made a clicking noise and maintained its position. “My shoulder clicks in, and when I do it again it doesn’t, so it’s like in place right?”

xQc went on to explain that his shoulder ultimately returns to its original position when he rests in a normal position. Although he acknowledged that moving in a certain manner causes him some pain and discomfort. Occasionally, streamers will take a hiatus, whether it be due to fatigue, stress, injury, or simply to take a break. We do, however, hope that xQc’s problem is not too catastrophic.

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