xQc Shares Details About JustaMinx

Amiel Rose Andres - March 14, 2023
xQc Shares Details About JustaMinx

On March 14, 2023, Twitch sensation Felix “xQc” gave more information on the saga involving fellow content creator Rebecca “JustaMinx” during a broadcast.

For perspective, Felix disclosed yesterday (March 13) that the Streamer Awards afterparty was wrecked because the host became too drunk. The French-Canadian icon said that JustaMinx’s actions led to the dispatch of firefighters and paramedics. The streamer had been “completely unresponsive,” he said afterwards, as a result of binge drinking. xQc continued by saying that she couldn’t be saved: “She was completely unresponsive. Right? Before the dudes get there, and starting to, you know, like, doing their thing, I sat down and I tried to be, like, you know, ‘Yo, are you there?’ And try to… really, try to connect, and see if she’s around. You know, like, there? And what I’m telling you, she just wasn’t. It was just GG. Okay? There was no saving.”

At the 29-minute mark of his show, xQc was discussing about The Streamer Awards afterparty, which supposedly got shut down because of JustaMinx. Then he saw a note from Kaitlyn “Amouranth,” who had written: “Minx was already trashed even at the awards show. She pre-drank for sure. She was right behind me, screaming during the show, ‘I love you, QT(Cinderella),’ and other catcalls at her. QT’s face was cringing so hard.”

The former Overwatch pro agreed with the content producer and said that once paramedics were summoned to handle the problem, he made the decision to check in on JustaMinx. xQc declared: “I go outside, okay? And, you know, like, brother, she is GG. Minx is just GG, guys. I mean… brother, I don’t mind telling you. It’s just… there’s no coming back. From my understanding, and what the dudes were doing, the people that were there for help, because then they had to call people, right? So then the first responders were like, firemen and then ambulance. I think. I definitely saw a fire truck there first.”

JustaMinx was allegedly “completely unresponsive,” and xQc believed she had alcohol poisoning. Added him: “It was just… you know, when you’re drunk, right? Well, that’s like, almost about going into a coma. Just couldn’t respond. I mean, you know, she’s brain damaged. She’s not just not there, man.” 

Regarding JustaMinx’s assertion that she experienced a seizure at the afterparty, xQc added the following: “I don’t know what it is about the seizure thing. Guys, I don’t know how seizures work. But, from what I’ve seen when I got there. I was there from the moment that she was on the ground to whenever they took her out in the stretcher, okay?”

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