xQc Says Kai Cenat Copied His Idea

Amiel Rose Andres - May 28, 2023
xQc Says Kai Cenat Copied His Idea

On May 28, 2023, prominent Twitch personality Felix “xQc” called out fellow content creator Kai Cenat for allegedly stealing his “camping idea” during a livestream.

When the former was responding to a post on the r/LivestreamFail forum, where a Twitter user accused Kai Cenat of “scamming” them for “100+ ideas” and failing to pay for them, the latter started a conversation. xQc decided to “come out of the woods” after reading what Redditors had to say about the circumstance, starting a drama. He claimed that the first episode of his gameshow was based on the concept he pitched after mentioning that he had watched Kai Cenat’s recent Rumble program. After that, the French-Canadian streamer said that the idea was worth “at least low seven figures”: “What the f**k?! Where is my cut? It was my idea, where’s my cut?! Where is it?! Did you see it? It was a one-to-one, my idea! It was, though! That’s at least a… low seven figure. At least!”

On the same day, Kai Cenat addressed xQc’s charges in a broadcast. After hearing the latter specify where his cut for the purported seven-figure concept was, the former started laughing. Added him: “Chat, you know what’s crazy? Bro, let me tell you something about Felix. Okay? Bro, I don’t be thinking, like, okay… so, as we came up with the idea for the first episode, I literally just thought about camping. Then I thought about Felix. I was like, ‘Bro, does Felix want to go camping with me, bro?’ I already thought about it. I’m like, ‘Did he want to go camping with me?’ Okay?”

The New Yorker claims that he “copied and pasted” the idea from BOYZTOBER: “’And then, chat, and then after that, n****! BOYZTOBER, right? BOYZTOBER, we had a cabin. I just literally copy and pasted BOYZTOBER. But, we actually wanted to go camping with xQc. We just never did, bro! We literally just never did, bro.”

Kai Cenat suggested Felix and he work together to host IRL streams: “How about this? Can we just come together for a weekend and just do a whole bunch of IRL streams, man? Do something, bruh! “

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