xQc Reacts to Sodapoppin

TwitchBeat - May 22, 2021
xQc Reacts to Sodapoppin

During one of xQc’s recent live broadcasts, he went on to watch one of Sodapoppin’s live streams where he shares his opinion on xQc’s gameplay on the GTA RP. xQc has been spending a lot of his time streaming and playing on the GTA RP NoPixel server and he managed to become one of the most recognizable streamers on the server as he gains tens and thousands of viewers on his streams whenever he goes live playing GTA RP.

However, xQc has also become a controversial streamer on the server as he has been banned four times already because of issues with viewers chats and some arguments between the cops on the server. Given the huge audiences that xQc attracts, it’s no surprise that some of his viewers happen to be large streamers themselves. Twitch streamer Chance Morris aka Sodapoppin is the latest streamer who went on to react and explained how he loves watching xQc rob banks. During xQc’s recent live broadcast, he went on to watch sodapoppin’s reaction towards his GTA RP gameplay.

At first, xQc was absolutely thrilled to hear that a respected streamer enjoyed his content. But as Soda delved deeper into his explanation, things took a dark turn and mockingly stated; “I just watch to see him get mad and say something he can’t take back. I just know he’s gonna do it. And then he doesn’t get banned because his view count’s too high.” xQc’s expression quickly changed from happiness to utter dejection as he stated; “Okay. That didn’t go like I thought it would. Jesus Christ man. Well, that was f***ing weird.”

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