xQc New Minecraft Speedrun Record

Amiel Rose Andres - May 8, 2023
xQc New Minecraft Speedrun Record

Forsen’s Minecraft speedrun record has finally been broken once more by xQc, and it’s safe to say the Twitch star is overjoyed.

The two Twitch stars have been competing against one another to break the other’s Minecraft speed-running record for years. Forsen and xQc have been in a constant state of competition. Earlier this year, xQc finally regained the bragging rights he had lost to Forsen in April 2021, when he established the record for speedrunning at 20 minutes, 38 seconds. However, xQc was able to cut 33 seconds from his time, lowering it to 20 minutes, 5 seconds. But after weeks and weeks of attempting, Forsen finally shattered the record by fighting the Ender Dragon in less than 18 minutes, saving a significant amount of time. But xQc has now returned to take back his championship.

After numerous failed attempts, xQc has returned to recover his speedrun bragging rights, where he successfully broke a record during the Twitch star’s broadcast on May 6. xQc defeated the Ender Dragon in just 16 minutes and 38 seconds after 8 hours of nearly nonstop arduous Minecraft play, breaking the previous record by another several minutes. The streamer cried, “Boom, yes!” repeatedly. “Boom, 16:38. Oh my god,” he continued, exhaling in relief.

It’s safe to say that xQc was ecstatic with the new record, and this excitement was evident in his discussion as well. Now that the ball is back in Forsen’s court, all eyes will be on him to break the previous record, albeit it will undoubtedly be challenging for the streamer to do so.

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