xQc Got A Blue Tick On Twitter

Amiel Rose Andres - April 25, 2023
xQc Got A Blue Tick On Twitter

If they weren’t subscribers to Twitter Blue, a lot of well-known people had their blue tick on Twitter removed.

While some have condemned Twitter CEO Elon Musk’s choice, others have noticed amusing parallels between the StarShip explosion and the termination of Twitter’s blue ticks. Another commenter, Félix Lengyel, aka xQc, discussed the financial toll that Musk’s explosion had on him. However, in the midst of the confusion around Twitter’s blue tick removal, the streamer experienced an unexpected encounter. While others were having their blue tick marks removed from Twitter, xQc received one. Many others, including the man himself, are interested in how he obtained it as a result.

Recently, during a live stream, xQc discussed Twitter Blue. He received a startling message from the chat room informing him that he has Twitter verification. The former professional athlete quickly opened a new tab in his browser to confirm this. When he looked at the outcomes, xQc was left wondering, “How did I get it?”

Even if he wanted to, the streamer could not purchase Twitter Blue, he said to the conversation. xQc held all of his bank accounts in Canada because he was a Canadian citizen. However, xQc lives and works in the US. This results in a conflict with the iPhone’s security mechanisms. 

According to xQc, “iPhone does not process any Canadian stuff on US stuff.” 

Although the streamer’s answer was ambiguous, there is a plausible explanation for his predicament. Even though xQc was a legacy verified account, he also fulfilled a unique requirement that allowed him to regain his verification. Twitter first did away with the historical blue tick for all users. Later afterwards, though, they restored the blue tick for those historic Twitter accounts with more than a million subscribers. This may be why xQc, who has over 11 million followers, received his blue tick. However, some of the humorous excuses offered by followers claimed that Elon Musk had bought for his Twitter Blue. When the streamer received his verification back, fans reacted in some amusing ways. Some others even complimented the millionaire for returning the streamer’s blue tick.

However, certain scenarios that were initially impractical were offered. But everyone undoubtedly laughed at this scenario.

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