Valkyrae Offers To Pay Therapy For Fan

Amiel Rose Andres - March 9, 2023
Valkyrae Offers To Pay Therapy For Fan

After a fan repeatedly abused her on social media, YouTube personality Valkyrae offered to pay for their therapy, choosing kindness above their behavior.

Throughout the course of her eight-year career as an online entertainment, Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter has established herself as a household brand in the streaming industry. Rae, who has more than 3 million YouTube subscribers and was named Content Creator of the Year at the 2020 Game Awards, keeps breaking barriers by landing parts in animated series and major motion pictures. 

Contrary to what Rae’s effervescent nature might have viewers assume, being a well-known internet celebrity isn’t all sunshine and roses. Rae has faced criticism from the public on numerous occasions over the years, but this time, she’s killing them with kindness (and a little shade). 

On Tuesday, March 7, Rae made a point of liking a tweet from a user who many supporters allege has harassed the streamer online repeatedly. The fan said in the aforementioned post, “Lol, it wasn’t even me in chat but thanks for letting everyone know you see all my tweets even though you blocked me six months ago! Can’t wait to see you at Conquest! It will be amazing to meet and get a pic with my two favorite streamers, Valkyrae and Hasan!”

The person appears to be persuaded, based on their posts, that Valkyrae and fellow streamer Hasan are dating openly and openly ship the creators as a couple (despite no evidence or confirmation being given from either party involved). Although this is a widely accepted theory among fans, this particular viewer has gone too far in their fandom; yet, Rae has demonstrated that she is willing to help them if they require it.

Rae pondered how treating individuals with kindness may enable him to “change his ways” in response to another fan. She wrote in a witty response; “Maybe if I’m kind to him he will change his ways?’ Otherwise maybe we can mass report? He definitely loves my streams and is a fan, so I want to give him a chance.”

“The only thing that can save him is therapy, girl,” another fan replied. Valkyrae answered; “Like should I offer to pay? Everybody can benefit from therapy. Maybe he needs help buying it.”

It’s unclear whether Rae will genuinely foot the bill for the fan’s therapy (or whether she was joking), but it’s obvious that she won’t let his conduct get to her. This is only the most recent incident of harassment Valkyrae has had to deal with after she claimed she blocked “like a million” of her fans live on YouTube earlier this year because of their abusive comments and actions in her chat.

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