Valkyrae Announced Break

Amiel Rose Andres - June 23, 2022
Valkyrae Announced Break

Popular YouTuber Valkyrae recently revealed that she would be shifting away from her typical video schedule for an unspecified period of time, citing trip plans to Japan with OfflineTV as the primary reason.

These are the first words in Valkyrae’s most recent YouTube stream: “I’m gonna be gone for a while,”

She revealed that she will be taking a break from her regular content schedule to travel in a clip from a recent broadcast. She didn’t reveal much about many of the travel arrangements, but she did say that she will be going to Japan with the OfflineTV crew. 

Rae announced to her live audience; “I heard Scarra talked about it already so I can talk about it. It’s official. Got my tickets.”

The well-known content creation collective known as OfflineTV, or OTV for short, includes artists like Pokimane, LilyPichu, Disguised Toast, and many others. Many of the members gained notoriety through League of Legends play, but they now all contribute to gaming content in addition to vlog and other types of video. Although Valkyrae isn’t an official OTV member, it is commonly known that she is acquainted with some of the cast members and interacts with them frequently online or via stream. 

In regards to the actual trip, OTV co-founder Scarra recently shocked the streaming industry by announcing that OTV will be visiting Japan for a week next month. Two years prior, the gang had been to Japan and vlogged their adventures there. Now that Valkyrae is involved, they want to attempt it once more. Even though Scarra’s statement was unofficial, he did affirm that he had been given authorization to talk about the trip. He acknowledged that many of the specifics are still a mystery, but said that further details about the trip would be revealed soon.

They claimed, “OTV will be going to Japan next month. We’ll have a more official announcement with all the people going, but I can officially say, it’ll be one of the few things that we’re going to be doing.”

Scarra continued by saying that people traveling to Japan would continue to make movies and stream content. While Scarra did not specify which OTV members will travel to Japan, we now know that Valkyrae, a non-OTV member, will be there. 

While Valkyrae’s travel plans may be starting now, they most certainly do not stop here. She continued in her announcement that she has a lot more planned after the initial trip to Japan. “There’s more. Right after Japan, I can’t really say where exactly, but I’m going somewhere else right after. I will announce where and with who, when I am able to, but it was kinda confirmed today so literally right when the Japan trip is over I am going to this other location.” 

Valkyrae also mentioned that she would be traveling further following these arrangements and would be arriving in New York. Although the length of these trips was not mentioned, it is probable that Valkyrae will be taking a significant break from her typical YouTube content.

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