Twitch Star Mzikif Talks About Ice Poseidon

Amiel Rose Andres - May 21, 2022
Twitch Star Mzikif Talks About Ice Poseidon

The swatter who led to infamous IRL streamer Paul ‘Ice Poseidon’ Denino being permanently banned from Twitch after he was taken off an airplane by police has been jailed for ten years, according to Mizkif.

Ice Poseidon was formerly one of Twitch’s most popular streamers. He was also the first-ever IRL broadcaster on the platform, and he had no content restrictions. All of this contributed to his channel’s meteoric rise in popularity. However, it all came to an end when a fan made a false bomb threat when Denino was live-streaming himself on a plane, resulting in the plane landing in Phoenix and police escorting him off. 

Ice Poseidon was permanently banned from Twitch as a result of the event. His former cameraman turned Twitch star Mizkif has now disclosed that the swatter was apprehended and sentenced to ten years in prison. Mizkif said that, based on what he knows, the swatter was captured and imprisoned while reacting to a documentary about the rise and fall of Ice Poseidon. 

He explained; “I do have to say this chat, from what I’ve heard, the guy that did that bomb threat is in jail for 10-years. You do not f**k with the FBI, you just don’t do it. They are a way better than you at anything, I think that guy was … I’m pretty sure they caught him and he’s in jail for good. Probably I would guess for well over 10 years.”

Ice has made many pleas to Twitch in the five years since the plane incident, but he is still banned from the platform.

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