Twitch Announced Special Sub Event

Amiel Rose Andres - August 27, 2022
Twitch Announced Special Sub Event

Twitch, one of the most popular streaming services on the internet, is no stranger to a number of promotions that draw users to the site.

The Amazon-owned platform offers free monthly access to one channel of their choosing for Amazon Prime subscribers, as well as a selection of free games with Prime and in-game exclusive content. Twitch frequently offers lower rates on streaming subscriptions, enticing more viewers to support their preferred content creators. SUBtember, which will take place next month, is the newest sub campaign that Twitch has announced. 

The new event has been officially announced by Twitch, and throughout the month of September, subscribers will receive reductions on their subscription fees. This year’s event is sponsored by Lenovo Legion. Twitch users will be able to subscribe to their favorite creators for one month at a 20% discount, with longer subscriptions receiving higher discounts.

Three-month subscriptions will be discounted by 25% throughout the month, while six-month subscriptions will be discounted by 30% beginning on September 1. 

Users have the option to upgrade their current subscriptions as well as new ones, thus the subscription savings don’t solely apply to brand-new subscriptions. The discounts will be available, according to Twitch, for customers wishing to upgrade from their free Amazon Prime subscriptions as well as for users looking to give subscriptions to friends or other users in the chat. 

Users who want to upgrade to Tier 2 or Tier 3 subscriptions on channels will also be eligible for the promotional price decrease. Additionally, Twitch reaffirmed that even with the subscription discount in effect, streamers will still be compensated at full price. The newest promotion from Twitch is not the first month-long event the streaming service has hosted. Since the program’s launch in 2017, Twitch has held its SUBtember celebrations annually, offering discounted Twitch membership fees every September. The promotion comes as “sub-a-thons” on Twitch have grown in popularity among content producers in recent years, with the streams frequently bringing in thousands of new subscribers.

Twitch has lately undergone considerable modifications in order to attract more creators, and this new sub-themed campaign coincides with those improvements. Twitch ended its long-standing partner exclusivity policy earlier this week, allowing Twitch partners to stream on other platforms like YouTube and Facebook Gaming. Recently, Twitch also lowered its reward requirements and added services that improve the quality of life for creators, such as the ability to exchange lists of banned people.

SUBtember appears to be another well-liked Twitch campaign that will allow viewers to affordably support their favorite streamers.

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