Twitch Adding New Feature

Amiel Rose Andres - July 9, 2023
Twitch Adding New Feature

Twitch has announced that it will introduce tales to the platform, a feature that closely resembles Snapchat’s implementation of the same idea.

It’s important to remember that Twitch is also making movements while authors like xQc and Pokimane debate Kick, Twitch’s rival. It feels like Twitch has a true rival in the streaming sector for the first time in a while. Twitch has had to step up its game in order to stay on top, whereas others like Mixer have tried and failed in the past. Destiny was just recently signed by Kick to the platform, and it appears that a lot of money is being spent to keep it around. Hopefully, the launch of Twitch tales is an indication that this competition will be a significant catalyst for innovation in video game broadcasting. 

At TwitchCon Paris, the debut of the stories for Twitch was made during a panel. The announcement was followed by a video of the stories in action. Streamers have the option of making these stories exclusive to subscribers only or posting them to all of their followers.

It’s simple to understand the usefulness of such a feature: if a streamer needs to make a significant statement, doing so on a third-party platform like Twitter may cause some followers to miss it. They may now safely communicate with all of their followers with just one click thanks to the ability to make these announcements immediately on the website. Streamers will be able to publish straight to these Twitch stories, which appear to work identically like the Snapchat equivalent in terms of functionality and have a 24-hour expiration time. Facebook and Instagram both have the same feature, although they’re all classic social networking platforms. Although stories aren’t a very novel element, it will be interesting to watch how Twitch incorporates them into a streaming platform. 

This is a wonderful change of pace considering it feels like Twitch is now always rife with drama involving some of its most prominent content producers. Kaceytron was just banned by Twitch for breaking their rules, but she is undoubtedly not the only one. It’s actually reassuring to hear some good news regarding Twitch and the site moving forward to enhance the user experience for creators and viewers

Gamers were understandably interested to see the route the website will go when the site appointed new CEO Dan Clancy back in March. Hopefully, rather than additional controversy, Twitch will continue to release news of this nature.

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