Tubbo Is Nervous At Shroud

Amiel Rose Andres - April 8, 2022
Tubbo Is Nervous At Shroud

One of the most popular minecraft content creators Tubbo ran into streaming sensation Michael “Shroud” during his most recent Twitch stream. Needless to say, the exchange was rather amusing. Tubbo was a little nervous about the circumstance because he had never met Shroud before. 

During his stream, this resulted in some humorous moments. 

Tubbo is well-known for being shy in social situations, as he has stated or implied on several occasions. Tubbo, along with other mainstream streamers like Pokimane, xQc, and Ranboo, was part of an interview where he talked about gaming being an escape for him during last year’s CashApp event. Tubbo’s recent four-hour stream featured the humorous segment at the start. The 18-year-old video creator was getting ready to play some Fortnite with his friends and popular Minecraft streamers, Karl Jacobs and Nick “Sapnap,” who recently surpassed two million Twitch followers. 

Tubbo remained silent as shroud entered the discord voice chat, and continued gazing uncomfortably towards his twitch chat, as if seeking direction or assistance. As his stillness grew, his tiny smiles and heated cheeks revealed his emotions. Karl made a joke about buying shroud’s merchandise a little later, to which shroud did not answer. Tubbo burst out laughing and covered his face with his hands. 

Tubbo’s eyes kept glancing over to his conversation as he sat and waited for his companions in the game’s lobby, visibly embarrassed and flustered. To his chat, he said: “Chat, they’re such gamers”.

Tubbo finally spoke after approximately two minutes of silence, claiming that he’s too socially awkward for these types of circumstances, which was evident from his replies to the current dialogue.  He also mentioned that he had never met or interacted with shroud, punz, or their friends, which was another source of his uneasiness. “I’m too socially awkward for this s**t”.

Tubbo eventually left the voice chat a short time later, claiming that it was too much for him and that he didn’t feel comfortable introducing himself and talking to other major streamers like shroud and punz. It’s also worth noting that Tubbo was wearing a heartbeat monitor at the time, thus his heart rate was visible on the screen. He stated, “I left, I’m not good enough to say hi”. 

Tubbo was later joined by his buddies, who began cracking jokes about the situation as his chat continued to persuade him that everything was fine. They also went through the incident where they told Shroud they were buying his products and he didn’t answer. 

Tubbo had a few words to say about the situation as the six-minute video of the incident came to a close. He also mentioned that he wanted to say hello in between the streams but couldn’t because of his lack of confidence.

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