Trainwrecks Reveals Kick Clip Features

Amiel Rose Andres - March 5, 2023
Trainwrecks Reveals Kick Clip Features

Kick will soon have its own clip system similar to Twitch, according to Trainwreck, but he insists it will be superior to the service provided by its rival. 

Twitch has seen off pretty much everyone who has tried to dethrone it from its throne as the preferred streaming platform over the years, despite several attempts. Now, a new competitor has emerged in the form of the Stake-backed platform Kick, which has similarly been successful in luring streamers like Trainwreck and Adin Ross away from Twitch on a full-time basis while also allowing other streamers to use it outside the terms of their Twitch contracts. There have even been rumors that people like iShowSpeed and Kai Cenat would eventually follow suit.

There have been many similarities between Kick and Twitch when they are both still young, especially given how similar they both appear to be. But, it is missing a few key parts. One of things is, of course, clips, which allow viewers to take quick highlights from the broadcasts of their preferred streamers. 

Nonetheless, Trainwreck has stated that Kick is in the works and that it will be a superior system to Twitch’s. “Clips to release in 24 hours,” the former Twitch star tweeted on March 3. “I didn’t like Twitch’s stale clips system that requires us to view Reddit to see trending clips, so we’re working to add a “TikTok-like” system for discoverability on clips to help all creators expand their reach to help with growth.”

Train continued by saying that the emphasis on discoverability is intended to keep viewers on Kick rather than directing them to Reddit or YouTube to view trending videos. Although the outcome is yet uncertain, the streamer is very certain that it will be a success.

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