Trailer For Minecraft TubNet Is Revealed

Amiel Rose Andres - July 18, 2022
Trailer For Minecraft TubNet Is Revealed

Toby “Tubbo” Smith, a well-known content creator, only started streaming in 2018, but at the age of just 18, he has already gathered a devoted fan base and an excellent platform.

On Twitch, he has approximately five million fans, and he has more than three million YouTube subscribers.

Although Tubbo mainly sticks to making content for the popular block game Minecraft and is frequently seen playing the game on the Dream SMP server, competing in the MC Championships, or in some other capacity, he has also frequently dabbled in other undertakings. Tubbo has experimented in music outside of his streaming and YouTube careers; his debut single, “Life By The Sea,” has received over 39,000,000 Spotify plays. All-around creativity superstar Tubbo has been working on his upcoming project for more than four years. While Tubbo has made passing references to the server over the years, TwitchCon saw the first real look at the new TubNet Minecraft server from the celebrity. 

The latest project by the author is a Minecraft server that users from all over the world can access and use. On the server, players will have access to a variety of features, such as minigame competitions and cosmetic customization. At TwitchCon, Tubbo stated that he wanted to develop a “experience” that people all around the world could “interact with rather than just watch.” 

TubNet will “bridge the gap” and be playable on both the Bedrock and Java versions of Minecraft, unlike the majority of servers which are dedicated to each version of the game. As a result, players will be able to interact with friends using any version of the server because it is cross-compatible. Around three high-quality games will be available when TubNet debuts, and many more are planned for the future. Along with Craftmaster Live, a Minecraft event that Twitch and Tubbo co-produced for Twitchcon, the TubNet video and release date were made public. This competition, which featured 32 creators, was made especially for TwitchCon by TubNet and noName Studio. Although this event was specifically designed for TwitchCon by TubNet, the competitive atmosphere, game styles, and aesthetic of the event nevertheless give some indication of what TubNet supporters might anticipate from the company. The creators who took part in Craftmaster Live livestreamed the event, and you can see it from all of their different angles on their Twitch channels.

Tubbo’s Minecraft server is finally scheduled to be live in August 2022 after four long years of anticipation and numerous tiny teasers. While at TwitchCon, Tubbo and the TubNet crew revealed this information.

The TubNet team also released the server’s first official trailer, which gives viewers a preview of what to anticipate from the impending Minecraft server. The TubNet trailer begins with a wide-angle shot of a metropolis before concentrating on a character who seems to have recently moved there. The figure enters the city and moves toward a “Craft Cafe” structure close to a big structure bearing the TubNet emblem.

Before hinting at another place on the Minecraft server named “New Block Fashion,” the scene switches to two other people taking a picture. The movie’s lead character then gets a cab and rides throughout the city. The figure is driving in the taxi and can observe many moving and active characters, tall buildings, and other turmoil typical of a busy city. The main character then enters a building and receives a party invitation on their phone. They accept the invitation and enter the building to get dressed. The character changes into several clothing until they discover the right one for them, at which point they take a jetpack and fly out the window to go. A brand-new structure called “Som Corp” may be seen in the background as the main figure flies.

The jetpack-wielding guy is joined by two additional characters, and the trio soars over the city. More of the city’s characteristics can be seen as they soar high above it, including a pier-side amusement park with a Ferris wheel, coasters, and a vast ocean. The conclusion of the trailer states that TubNet will formally debut in August 2022.

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