Summit1g Welcomed Back To GTA RP

TwitchBeat - February 11, 2021
Summit1g Welcomed Back To GTA RP

Summit1g has recently returned to the GTA NoPixel server. However, during his first stream on the server he just had a hilarious moment as an old man steals his shoes. On February 10th, summit1g announced that he will be returning to playing the GTA but no fans were concerned that he may kick the roleplaying to the curb and just race, like he did last time on his channel.

In the past, summit1g pulled off some insane bank robberies, heists, and even some smaller acts of thievery as well in the roleplaying world of Grand Theft Auto. Now, it seems like he has been given a taste of his own medicine as an old man stole his shoes during his first stream on the server. Summit1g was obliged to raise his hands as a fella asked him to.

He did what was being asked but then seconds later the old man bent down and started running away, then summit1g realized that there was nothing on his feet and he couldn’t believe it. He exclaimed; “My shoes… WHAT? Wait, what just happened? Why are my shoes gone? How is this possible?” It’s not often that the leader of the 1G Squad is on the receiving end of ‘yoinks’ like this, and perhaps other players in the NoPixel server might be tempting him into some huge robberies in the future for revenge.

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