Streamers Reacts To Kevin Gates Instagram Story

Amiel Rose Andres - May 9, 2023
Streamers Reacts To Kevin Gates Instagram Story

Popular streamers Kai Cenat, “JiDion” Adams, and EsfandTV responded to an Instagram Story posted by American rapper Kevin Jerome Gilyard, better known by his stage name Kevin Gates, on May 8, 2023.

The latter posted a fairly graphic video of a woman giving birth to a child as background information. The caption for the social media post said: “The most beautiful thing on Earth is the gift of life.”

Fans requested Streamer of the Year Kai Cenat to do so earlier today, and he did so by watching Kevin Gates’ post live on his stream. He exclaimed in shock as he leaped out of his chair, saying: “Kevin Gates? ‘Watch Kevin Gates story.’ F**k he posted? The f**k this n**** posted? ‘No.’ ‘ToS (Terms of Service).’ What did he post? Wait a second. What the f**k did he post? (The streamer squeals and jumps off his chair after looking at the Instagram Story) Oh, f**k! What the f**k?! Yo! Dude! What the f**k?! Oh, my god, no! Oh, no! No, no, no! That was weird!”

Along with Kai Cenat, JiDion, a YouTube streamer and practical joker, issued a warning on Twitter to his followers not to see Kevin Gates’ Instagram post. He declared: “Whatever you do, don’t look at Kevin Gates’ story today.” 

EsfandTV, a co-founder of One True King (OTK), brought up the popular tale in conversation with Maya Higa, a Twitch content creator. When the latter noted that Mother’s Day is approaching in a week, the conversation began. The World of Warcraft streamer’s response was: “Kevin Gate’s Instagram story says it’s today”

OTK’s social media manager, Yung Jeff, replied: “i tell u this as a friend (and business mentor)… do NOT open Kevin Gates instagram story today higa”

A short while later, Maya asserted that she had seen the IG Story and said it “wasn’t even that bad”