Streamer YourRAGE Hits 1 Million Followers

Amiel Rose Andres - July 26, 2022
Streamer YourRAGE Hits 1 Million Followers

Twitch streamer YourRAGE kept his pledge to do so after reaching 1 million followers by turning on his facecam for a stream.

While many Twitch streamers choose to have a camera focused on themselves while they are live, there are many more who choose not to. There are many people who stay faceless, while some choose to substitute their real faces with avatars. Despite the fact that these streamers have had many failures over the years, some viewers continue to want them to expose their faces, even after they have already done so. 

When the variety streamer YourRAGE acquired a million subscribers on his channel, he promised to connect his facecam for good. On July 25th, he actually made good on that pledge. That’s right, YourRAGE gave his fans what they wanted and hooked up his facecam for some games as his channel finally passed the threshold and achieved the seven-figure following mark. 

Around 10 minutes into his July 25 stream, the streamer materialized in the lower left-hand corner of the screen, delivering the moment that fans had been waiting for. He asked as he walked into shot; “Yo, what the f**k is going on? Wassup?”

It wasn’t just a moment that passed in a blink of an eye. Long he experimented with various VR games on the live and engaged in a few audience conversations, YourRAGE kept the camera rolling for a while. The streamer’s identity isn’t really a secret; he’s shared numerous images on Instagram and Twitter; but, doing so while live is a little different because you have to be present for several hours. 

The streamer thanked his viewers for all the support he received as a result and said that it is still unclear if he will continue to use cameras during his future streams or if he will return to the status quo from before the huge celebration.

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