Streamer xQc Abruptly Ends Stream

Amiel Rose Andres - November 23, 2022
Streamer xQc Abruptly Ends Stream

On November 23rd, Twitch sensation Felix “xQc” abruptly ended his livestream, leaving the streaming community puzzled.

When the broadcaster observed anything on his second monitor, he instantly ended his speedrun of Minecraft. The French-Canadian requested his viewers to excuse him for ten minutes as he instantly said that he had to attend to something “very important.” xQc said he would be winding up the broadcast when he came back. Felix said goodbye to his audience and continued: “Guys, I’ve never done this. Okay? And I hope you guys understand. I want to give big shout-outs to everybody today. Massive love to everybody that’s out there. Much love.”

In his most recent livestream, Felix spoke at 3:38 about a Minecraft speedrun effort. After seeing something appear on his second monitor, xQc quickly left his streaming area and said: “What? What’s up? What’s happening? Bro! Hold on, be right back. F**k, man!”

A short while later, the former Overwatch pro came back, saying he had an important matter to take care of: “Okay, chat, guys. Chat, chat, I need ten minutes. Chat, guys, guys, I know this sounds really odd, okay? And I really need this, chat. Last time of all time. No, no, no, I need ten minutes. Because I need to do something very important. Super-mega important! Okay.”

Ten minutes later, at 03:38:53, xQc came back and announced that the livestream for the day will come to an end. He clarified: “Guys, I’m not going to circle anything. I’m not going make things weird. Okay? Something is happening and chat, it is the first time in my entire career I’ve done this before. Something’s going on, I need my full attention and… I have to attend to it, like, give my full attention.”

The 27-year-old went on to say that he was in a “crazy headspace” right now: “I just have to. That’s it! End of the story. I don’t want to make things weird or odd. I just have to end and just go. I’m too like, in a crazy headspace. I have to go through this and we’re good. That’s it.” 

xQc thanked his audience and said goodbye, adding that he had “never done this before.” He added before performing his well-known outro; “And yeah, we’re good. Okay, chat, I got to go. Stay positive, big love. I’ll be all chilling at home and be all happy. I might stream back on whenever things are chilling. Yep! Okay, chat, I got to go. Sorry about that, chat. Really sorry! It’s about taking care of myself, there’s a matter I have to take over. It’s just it. I have to. It’s a big deal and I hope you guys understand.”

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