Streamer Valannn Got Banned

Amiel Rose Andres - August 1, 2023
Streamer Valannn Got Banned

A Twitch streamer is criticizing the website after being banned when her elderly dog unexpectedly pooped on her while she was live-streaming.

When her elderly Shiba Inu dog named “Kouki” had an accident during one of her shows in late July, Twitch broadcaster “Valannn” was humiliated. In a now-deleted video, Kouki was seen being held by Valannn as she told her viewers that Kouki, a senior dog, was probably in need of the restroom because of the way he was waggling his tail, which was a hint to the streamer that Kouki needed to go. 

She missed the opportunity to set Kouki outdoors, too, because the Shiba began releasing his bowls right then. Although Valannn was naturally mortified, many viewers thought the scenario to be humorous, and a video of the feed went viral online. Sadly, it appears that Kouki’s accident had significant effects on his owner. On July 26, Valannn posted a screenshot of a Twitch email in which it was said that she had been subject to a temporary suspension as a result of the event. 

Additionally, according to the screenshot, she was subject to a Community Guidelines strike for “posting content depicting body fluids.” 

“My first time EVER getting banned on Twitch because my 12 year old dog, Kouki, accidentally pooped on my stream,” Valannn wrote. “Does this really keep the community safe? SMH.”

Fortunately, this is Valannn’s first ever suspension, but violations of the Community Guidelines can have long-lasting effects for broadcasters. Multiple strikes can “end in a permanent suspension,” according to Twitch’s email. Fortunately, Valannn disclosed that her suspension only lasts for 24 hours, meaning that her return to streaming won’t be delayed for long. But Valannn is still angry with Twitch for how it handled the incident involving her dog. She added in another tweet, “I didn’t realize my dog was pooping, and as I lifted him up, he started to poop, and you see a little droplet. And that’s when I ran to take him outside. So yes, poop is not allowed.”

However, it appears that she may have benefited from the whole thing by receiving a potential sponsorship from DUDE Wipes, which enquired of her: “Where do we deliver the wipes?”

It’s amusing to note that this isn’t the first time a streamer’s dog has messed up during a broadcast; in June, a streamer’s dog urinated on their bed during a sleep stream, causing them to awaken to a massive messes.

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