Streamer Sykkuno Outplays Sliker

Amiel Rose Andres - May 7, 2022
Streamer Sykkuno Outplays Sliker

During a BotezLive stream, Sykkuno demonstrated his hidden poker skills. Sliker, a fellow content creator, was the unfortunate recipient.

Sykkuno is a Twitch streamer who is best known for playing Valorant with his friends Valkyrae, Fuslie, and Disguised Toast. However, the 30-year-old demonstrated that he is just as skilled in real life as he is in video games when he severely defeated fellow streamer Sliker during a round of poker. 

Maintaining a low-key poker face throughout the game, Sykkuno duped his opponent and walked away with a large sum of money, leaving his friends stunned. 

The Botez Sisters, Alexandra and Andrea, hosted a poker broadcast on April 27 that featured multiple streamers playing cards. Ludwig, QTCinderella, and Slime were among the well-known figures. As the game progressed, the party recognized that someone had to have a Flush (all of the cards had to be from the same suit). After Ovilee May fell out, it came down to a showdown between Sliker and Sykkuno. Sliker had two diamond cards and Sykkuno had two clubs when they went all-in with their money. However, Sykkuno had the superior hand and received an additional $3,300 in his pot, leaving Sliker speechless.

The table was clearly stunned by Sykkuno’s quick victory. Later in the stream, during another hand, Sykkuno showed his kind side by handing Alexandra some of the winnings. Alexandra went on to be awarded Champion of Creator Poker Night, winning roughly $15,000. 

Unfortunately, Sliker’s luck did not improve throughout the evening. However, the next time the two meet in a confrontation, he’ll make sure to keep an eye on Sykkuno.

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