Streamer Sykkuno Criticizes Twitch Ads

Amiel Rose Andres - November 29, 2021
Streamer Sykkuno Criticizes Twitch Ads

Twitch streamer Sykkuno has recently criticized pre-roll advertisements and the platform’s Turbo subscriptions. 

Twitch’s pre-roll advertising has been the subject of a lot of criticism recently. While one or two adverts are acceptable, Sykkuno claims that the site occasionally bombards viewers with five minutes of ads. Viewers can bypass these adverts using Twitch’s Turbo membership program, which doesn’t affect the streamers’ ad earnings. The Turbo service, according to Sykkuno, is not a realistic answer to the problem.

During a recent live broadcast, Sykkuno slammed pre-roll advertising, claiming that they were a major issue for Twitch viewers. He said that most people will stop watching if they are bombarded with 5 minutes of advertisements before the stream begins. 

Here’s what he stated; “I feel like one ad is not so bad, but sometimes I pop into a stream, and it hits me with eight ads in a row, and I’m just like, “I wanted to watch the stream, not the same ad! Like one or two ads are fine, like 30 seconds worth of them. But you get hit with 5 minutes of ads when you open a stream, I am cooked, I am out of there.”

Twitch Turbo, a $8.99-per-month membership service, was just launched on the platform. Turbo users will have an ad-free experience on the platform, with no pre-roll, mid-roll, or display commercials displayed. However, according to Sykkuno, the Turbo service isn’t a solution because the fees aren’t used to support the streamers. 

Sykkuno appears to be unaware that streamers continue to receive ad money for Turbo users even if the viewers do not watch them. Streamers still get credits for ad impressions when a Turbo user sees their channel, according to the official Twitch Turbo blog.

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