Streamer Reydempto Runs Away From Stranger

Amiel Rose Andres - May 22, 2023
Streamer Reydempto Runs Away From Stranger

Twitch streamer “reydempto” had to run away from an aggressive stranger who threatened to “kill” him for streaming in public while they were at a park.

IRL (short for “in real life”) streams can contain some of the most astounding material available online. Instead of broadcasting content from their computer, IRL streamers share their daily life with their audience, frequently showing off their vacations or exciting activities that aren’t possible to accomplish at home. 

However, occasionally a fight with a stranger in the open can be caught on camera by these feeds. We’ve written about numerous incidents where broadcasters were confronted by onlookers who didn’t appreciate being recorded without their express consent. The most recent IRL broadcaster to receive this treatment is reydempto, a Twitch streamer. Rey was streaming while strolling through an open park in Amsterdam when he was confronted by many indignant bystanders who appeared to be upset about his streaming there. 

When they expressed their unhappiness, Rey first maintained his position that he was only filming himself. He said; “If you want to make problems then it will be on you, and not me. I’m just walking here minding my own business.”

One guy commented off-camera; “It’s very nice you have [the camera] on yourself, but you hear what people are saying …Now people are telling you [this], because you want to have this on your vlog or whatever. You wanna have my voice on it, so you have to pay me for that.”

Unfortunately, from there, things swiftly became worse. Rey was confronted by another person, which led to a tense argument. Rey and one of the strangers got into a verbal altercation as the group dispersed, and the stranger began running after Rey after questioning if he was filming him. “Get the f*ck away from me, man!” Rey cried out. “Help, somebody! What the f*ck, man?” 

The man yelled; “Film me again and I kill you! Don’t call the cops.”

Luckily, Rey made it out of the situation unscathed. “God damn,” he said after making his escape. “He really tried to grab my camera that time.” Rey goes on to say that the aggressor’s actions caused him to be arrested, but that’s not all. In 2022, a Twitch streamer was physically attacked by bystanders while attempting to enjoy a dinner in Japan, as was previously mentioned, thus this is by no means the first time a stranger has been confrontational with an IRL streamer in public.

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