Streamer Nutty Lets Viewers Control Ocarina of Time

Amiel Rose Andres - July 19, 2023
Streamer Nutty Lets Viewers Control Ocarina of Time

The Ocarina of Time and music from the well-known Legend of Zelda game are playable through a custom widget that was made by a Twitch streamer for their audience.

By providing higher-quality broadcasts with unique features, Twitch streamers have continued to innovate and enhance their material throughout the past ten years. With videos of him falling into a dunk tank after losing in games, KeatDawg has gone viral numerous times, and almost everyone is familiar with the well-known Twitch Plays Pokemon channel. Following the disclosure of their own widget that enables users to play the Ocarina of Time through chat, Twitch streamer Nutty left their fans both startled and impressed.

On July 17, 2023, Nutty revealed a custom widget that featured Link from the video game Ocarina of Time playing music on an Ocarina of Time instrument. “I spent all day making the Ocarina of Time into a Twitch widget so my viewers can play the Ocarina while I go to the bathroom,” they said. “So this is a widget I made for my stream today and it allows my viewers to play the Ocarina of Time through Twitch chat. “Even better, if you actually type out one of the songs from the game [it will play the whole song.] I really went through obsessive detail with this.” 

Even the songs from the well-known N64 game, such as Epona’s Song, Song of Storms, and Saria’s Song, were included. Nutty’s tweet about the video has had more than a million views and more than 25,000 likes since it was posted. Twitter users were quick to express their opinions about the unusual widget. 

Since the video was broadcast, Nutty has undoubtedly gained a large number of new followers, some of whom have visited his Twitch show to try out the new widget.

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