Streamer Ludwig Breaks Mario Party Superstars Record

TwitchBeat - November 22, 2021
Streamer Ludwig Breaks Mario Party Superstars Record

Twitch streamer Ludwig Ahgren gained a rare Mario Party Superstars distinction on a recent live stream. 

Ludwig was playing Mario Party Superstars, a recently launched game with a total of 100 mini-games. Ludwig was attempting to mash a tower of Pokeys as rapidly as possible in the Pokey Pummel mini-game. Initially, the streamer set out to beat a YouTuber’s record of 3.4 seconds for finishing the mini-game. Ludwig also discovered a YouTube gamer who completed the mini-game in roughly 3.2 seconds, but he could only record a time of 3.41 seconds.

While Ludwig claims to be the world’s fastest masher, a number of YouTubers have posted videos in which they complete the mini-game in under 3.4 seconds. Ludwig set a goal of beating a time of 3.43 seconds, and he played the mini-game several times before breaking the 4-second barrier.

The streamer stated that he was able to register a time of roughly 3.8 seconds at first. Here’s what he stated; “From my end, there is no difference between a 3.8 and a 4.8, which is bad. I need to improve my speed by around one click every second. So in three seconds, I should be able to get around 3 and a half clicks which should be enough to break 3.6 barriers.”

In successive games, the streamer improved his time and eventually accomplished the challenge in 3.56 seconds. While Ludwig’s performance was impressive in and of itself, one of his chat members mentioned a YouTuber who completed the game in 3.44 seconds. Ludwig asserted that those who claimed to have broken the 3.2-second barrier were most likely lying or cheating.

The streamer, on the other hand, believed that breaching the 3.4-second barrier was possible, so he tried again. Ludwig was able to finish the challenge in 3.41 seconds this time, and he celebrated afterwards. The streamer claimed to be able to register roughly 19 clicks per second, despite the game’s maximum of 20. 

As a result, while breaking Ludwig’s record is technically conceivable, a gamer will need to average more than 19 clicks per second to accomplish it. The streamer’s achievement was undeniably astounding, as Ludwig went on to celebrate joyously.

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