Streamer Faezaria Gets Emotional

Amiel Rose Andres - March 14, 2023
Streamer Faezaria Gets Emotional

When she learned that footage from her stream, which at the time had 300,000 viewers, had been featured in the Streamer Awards, streamer Faezaria sobbed publicly on Twitch.

Twitch streamers can occasionally rely on shoutouts from bigger streamers to increase their audience. Some even turn it into a regular event where they provide money to smaller streamers to help them gain attention. Bigger streamers would ideally like to see the platform they utilize grow, and that necessitates bringing in some new blood. So why not support them when they are just getting started? The same mentality underlies QTCinderella’s “Streamer Awards,” which honor and promote streamers. The “Streamer Atlas,” a brand-new category that debuted at this year’s awards, has a series of shoutouts to various platform creators.

One of these was Faezaria, who right after received a barrage of viewer congratulations. She was brought to tears by the outpouring of sympathy, and it was all caught on camera. Faezaria thanked her fans and supporters on Twitter after her stream and touching response.

An LSF Reddit thread about the video received a good number of upvotes, and several comments praised Fae for being highlighted in the Streamer Awards. Her unadulterated reaction demonstrates how much of an effect one shoutout can have on a fledgling streamer.

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