Streamer Adin Ross Defends xQc

Amiel Rose Andres - June 23, 2022
Streamer Adin Ross Defends xQc

Adin Ross, a Twitch streamer, defended xQc’s gambling streams after Hasan criticized The Juicer for encouraging gambling among young viewers.

During the past few weeks, xQc has been gambling during his streams, which has cost him over two million dollars and resulted in a ton of criticism of his content. On June 15th, xQc published a “streamer tier list,” which sparked even more criticism from Hasan, who accused the author of “promoting gambling to teenagers.” After reading Hasan’s criticism, Adin Ross has since joined the discussion and defended xQc during a recent Twitch live.

Adin Ross responded to Hasan’s criticism of xQc on his stream on June 16. Adin explained: “I’ve had convos with Hasan, I f**k with Hasan bro… but this is bad. But y’all gotta quit with the ‘promoting gambling to teenagers.’ Gotta stop with that shit bro.”

Adin was then informed by a viewer that he is one of the content creators who encourages gambling among young viewers. He said; “Imma keep it a buck with you. The NBA does it. Cancel the NBA then, it’s wack. Gambling is everywhere. If you were offered a million-dollar contract, you would do it too. What did I have set up every single 2k stream? Wagers. I’ve been gambling my entire f**king career. I love gambling. Why the f**k would I not take a deal?”

Adin leaked DMs in March 2022 that revealed the creator was receiving roughly $100,000 per week for his Stake gambling streams.

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