Soddappoppin Eats Unpeeled Banana

TwitchBeat - September 29, 2021
Soddappoppin Eats Unpeeled Banana

Ludwig’s newest Mogul Money episode took an unexpected turn when Sodapoppin grossed everyone out by eating an unpeeled banana in front of fellow streamers xQc and Cyr.

Twitch star Ludwig “Ludwig” Ahgren debuted a brand-new game show called Mogul Money on Twitch earlier this year. Fans have praised the show, which follows a format similar to that of Jeopardy. Several noteworthy guests have appeared, including fellow Twitch streamers DisguisedToast, WillNeff, and Jschlatt.

Ludwig has just added twitch streamers Cyr, Felix “xQc” Lengyel, and Chance “Sodapoppin” Morris to the show recently. Things were going well until Sodapoppin proceeded to demonstrate how he ate bananas — which is clearly not the way it should be done. 

It all began when Sodapoppin responded to the question, “Doctors recommend you drink more water if your urine is the colour of this juice.”

In response to this, Sodapoppin asked; “What is banana juice?” Because of this, Ludwig and Cyr broke out laughing, and Sodapoppin was asked if he meant to say that out loud.

“What is orange juice?” Cyr rightly answered, which sparked a conversation about Sodapoppin’s banana consumption habits. Before Cyr interrupted, Sodapoppin replied “but banana juice is yellow” in a frantic attempt to defend his answer. Cyr then asked Soda, “how many times [has he] eaten the outside of a banana,” to which Sodapoppins responded: “Many times,” adding that “the peel is more healthy for you than the actual banana.”

After that, Sodapoppins was questioned if he ate the entire thing, to which he replied that he did. Later, the Twitch star was served a banana, which he proceeded to eat the entire skin and all on the live stream, earning him his points.

Naturally, Twitch viewers captured the moment on a clip and uploaded it to Reddit, where it drew a flood of responses from the Twitch community. 

This episode of Mogul Money was definitely memorable. 

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