Sodapoppin Talks About Veibae’s Return

Amiel Rose Andres - May 18, 2023
Sodapoppin Talks About Veibae’s Return

Popular Twitch streamer Chance “Sodapoppin” provided an update on his partner and fellow content creator Veibae during a livestream on May 16, 2023.

Veibae’s new VTuber model will soon be released, according to the Texas-based personality. She has a lot of work to do before she can resume her livestreams, he continued. Sodapoppin teased additional details about the comeback by saying: “It is actually pretty f**king sick! I don’t know what all she would want me to say more than that. So… that’s her thing. But she does stream soon… and she will be back soon!”

On April 26, 2023, Veibae abruptly announced her departure from the San Francisco-based agency VShojo, shocking the internet community. Since then, she hasn’t livestreamed on her channel, confusing many of her followers. When asked if he will be meeting up with the VTuber to play intense World of Warcraft on May 16, 2023, Sodapoppin gave an update on the content creator’s return: “Yeah, I’m ready to grind. I don’t know if we’re playing duo today. We might play it off-stream. I might be a Tizzdungo (the streamer’s World of Warcraft character’s name) stream main. ‘Is she feeling better?’ She feels fine. She doesn’t want to be on the stream. She (has) got things to do. Her debut is coming up pretty f**king soon. So, she has got a lot of things to work on. She doesn’t want to be on stream.”

The co-owner of One True King (OTK) then spoke about the moment he too formed his digital persona and clarified what it takes for a VTuber to make their debut: “‘What debut?’ It’s a VTuber thing. I don’t know how else to word it. ‘When is your debut?’ Yeah. I remember when I had my VTuber model made and Vulpes (the streamer’s channel moderator) is like, ‘No! This is how you’re supposed to do.’ I was like, ‘What the f**k? This is, like, a thing?’ Yes! It is a VTuber thing. They get, like, a new skin and they do a big debut. She is getting hers.”

Sodapoppin announced the end of the conversation by stating that Veibae will shortly resume livestreaming.

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