Sodapoppin Talks About Leaving Twitch For Kick

Amiel Rose Andres - March 5, 2023
Sodapoppin Talks About Leaving Twitch For Kick

Creators on Twitch and YouTube are talking about the startup streaming service Kick since its launch. While some doubt the validity of the new service, others are optimistic that it would increase competition in the market.

Nonetheless, Sodapoppin is well aware of what he expects from the new possible opponent. Soda previously disclosed that he was one of the people Mixer spoke to when it was considering taking talent from Twitch and using it for Microsoft’s now-defunct streaming platform Mixer. Soda revealed in an interview with NMP that he regretted turning down a substantial offer from Mixer because other well-known streamers like Ninja and Shroud had received payments from the service before to its closure. After that, they were free to return to their Twitch agreements, allowing them to effectively have their cake and eat it too. 

In light of this, the seasoned streamer declared yesterday that he wouldn’t want to repeat that error. Soda stated that if the platform came to him with a proposal that provided millions of dollars in guaranteed funding, he probably would accept it because he believes Kick won’t endure as a platform. 

He stated; “If I got one deal like that, I would be done. I would fulfill my two years, come back (to Twitch). Nothing matters anymore. … I probably would fucking take a million-dollar contract because, just like Mixer, I feel like the website’s going to go down, and they’ll fucking fulfill their contracts, and I’ll be right back on Twitch. Just like fucking Mixer.”

Kick has thus far collaborated with Trainwreck and Adin Ross, the latter of whom is now Twitch-banned. The two creators stand out because they frequently broadcasted sponsored video for the online casino Stake before Twitch banned specific gambling content.

Since Kick is owned by some of the same individuals that run Stake, their networking most likely resulted in negotiations with Kick once it began to form.

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