Sodapoppin Shares Thoughts About Tyler1

Amiel Rose Andres - February 22, 2022
Sodapoppin Shares Thoughts About Tyler1

Tyler1 may not be exceptional at everything in League of Legends, but he shines at support, according to Sodapoppin.

Chance “Sodapoppin,” a Twitch behemoth, is a variety streamer who frequently works with other top streamers on the platform, creating him a household name among Twitch’s many fanbases. Tyler1, a fellow streamer, was the subject of a few comments from the creator.

Soda expressed his thoughts on League of Legends streamer Tyler1 on a recent stream, claiming that while Tyler’s overall ability to play the game isn’t ideal, his skillset is effectively utilized when he plays support characters. 

Here’s what he stated; “You see, as an avid (Tyler1) viewer, I can say that overall Tyler likes to play the more simplistic champions and whatnot because he doesn’t have the mechanical skills, but his macro skills are at top tier. He’s very good at doing things like placing wards in the right place, so maybe he’s just a born support player.”

Soda goes on to say that Tyler plays specific characters that complement his skill sets and don’t require a lot of mastery to use but are still effective. He added; “This is why he tends to play characters like Annie, characters that don’t have a lot of skill shots and skill behind them, but his game knowledge is top tier. But support is a perfect fit for a player like (Tyler1).”

Soda’s friend who was on the call with him inquired what the term “macro” meant after he completed expressing his brief judgment on Tyler1’s LoL skills, in an attempt to discover if he used the term without knowing its connotation. Soda chuckles and confesses that he has no idea, claiming that he saw it on Reddit once.

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