Sodapoppin Roasts Ninja

Amiel Rose Andres - August 13, 2022
Sodapoppin Roasts Ninja

Sodapoppin is a veteran Twitch broadcaster who is still very famous today. His opinions on the site are frequently regarded as authoritative, despite his belief that 50-viewer streamers should “give up” their goals.

It’s no secret that being a well-known streamer is extremely difficult, and for many, doing so will be a thankless effort that leads to failure. However, tens of thousands of aspiring streamers go live each day in the hopes that they will begin or continue to develop their pastime into a vocation, which can offer a reliable, if not wealthy, income. 

Sodapoppin critiqued much of Ninja’s advise for aspiring streamers in his “masterclass,” and he stated that streamers with 50 viewers or fewer should concede defeat. 

One of Ninja’s statements was that engaging in personal conversation with a viewer might “secure that viewer for life”; Soda refuted this claim on his stream. He stated; “I feel like in the 50-viewer sections of Twitch, that might actually be how it works. I will also say, if you have 50 viewers – give up. Last night, I was trying to watch the ‘Just Chatting’ section. My computer started lagging by the time I scrolled down to streamers with less than 100 viewers.” With how big Twitch is now, if I scroll down on the Just Chatting section, at some point I’m going to get a thumbnail with t*ts.”

Soda and many other prominent streamers started their start extremely early, even back when Twitch was still known as Due to the overwhelming number of channels competing for viewers, it is certainly harder to attract a huge audience for a stream on Twitch today. However, many 50-viewer streams would argue that they have already achieved some success.

Most streams will only draw a handful of viewers at most. A channel would most likely rank in the very top percentile of streams overall with a score of 50. 50 viewers, according to some of Soda’s chatters, is a decent number, and one streamer, Jenya, called the suggestion to quit “toxic.”

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