Sodapoppin Reignites Tensions With BTS Fans

Amiel Rose Andres - December 28, 2021
Sodapoppin Reignites Tensions With BTS Fans

After torching a life-sized cardboard cutout of BTS member Jungkook with a flamethrower and ripping it in two, Chance ‘Sodapoppin’ Morris re-ignited emotions between him and BTS fans.

Back in November 2020, Sodapoppin enraged BTS fans with a tweet suggesting the group is “overrated,” which didn’t sit well with fans. They poured in with comments to express their anger with him. 

After provoking the hornet’s nest, he followed up with a tweet that read, “Listen, K-pop fans. I am going to say it. You are all cringe. Facts. Do you feel threatened by my message? I hope so.” He also mocked them on stream. 

Now, it’s been more than a year since then. After indulging in some wild pranks on broadcast, he willingly re-ignited the tensions. It all began when Soda began opening goods valued at $25,000 on stream. One of them was a cardboard cutout of Jungkook that was life-sized. He transported it into his backyard and decided to use a flamethrower to burn it down. He exclaimed just as he was about to burn it to a crisp; “I love BTS!” He then drew a katana and slashed it in half.

BTS fans have previously battled with other streamers. Soda, on the other hand, appears to be deliberately seeking to irritate them. 

So far, he’s managed to escape being deluged with angry fans on social media. Some viewers, on the other hand, fear the worst is yet to come.

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