Sodapoppin Has Concerns For OfflineTV & Friends Rust Server

TwitchBeat - July 1, 2021
Sodapoppin Has Concerns For OfflineTV & Friends Rust Server

American YouTuber and Twitch Streamer Chance Morris AKA Sodapoppin shares his concern for OfflineTV and Friends Rust server.

Last June 30th, it was announced that Offline TV and Friends Rust Server will return to the excitement of many streamers. Sodapoppin explained during his recent stream abou what he thought may happen on the new server and predicted echoed that led to the closure of its previous iteration.

Sodapoppin said that he has a worry about the Rust server and that he’s not going to sugarcoat it. He explained that he’d be fine if only smaller streamers would take part in the server but if there’s too many, he might as well play on a public server and will likely choose not to play at all.

The initial OTV & Friends server was launched early this year and it was splitted into two separate servers. One focuses on RP and the other one is for those who wanted to play the game as intended.

The popularity of the server attracted many players and streamers but since it became so crowded and many are already in it, many streamers decided to leave the said server before it was closed down.

In its new form, the Rust server of OfflineTV will now have a strict rule that will somehow reduce the previous issues from before and it will return on July 5th.