Sodapoppin And Veibae Fake Argument

Amiel Rose Andres - March 15, 2022
Sodapoppin And Veibae Fake Argument

Chance “Sodapoppin” and VTuber Veibae have been dating since January 2022, but it appears that the two have “broken up” on Mizkif’s most recent episode of Schooled, when they had a fake argument during the stream that resulted in a humorous scene.

During the game show, Mizkif demonstrated how popular each competitor was with the audience, with Sodapoppin receiving nearly 40% of the votes and Veibae receiving only 6%. Furthermore, every female contestant received a smaller percentage than each of the male contestants, prompting Soda to make a witty remark about the audience’s preference for men. “I’ll be honest. These percentages are sexist.”

This caused Veibae to join in on the joke, claiming that the “Please be patient, I’m a woman” hat she was wearing was too self-aware for the audience. “That is, right?! I’m not that stupid! It’s my hat. It’s because I’m self-aware! Nah, take my hat off!” 

Veibae then goes on a rant about how she can be a successful person without anyone else’s support, before telling Soda that their relationship is over. “That’s crazy, man! Just because I’m a f*ckin self aware, sexist mother f*cker! I’ll go all the way to college, I’ll get a degree, I’ll get a kid and I’ll raise it by myself! We’re over! I don’t need a man!”

However, throughout the speech, Soda laughed, prompting Mizkif to interrupt and joke that he should be taking this more seriously. “Chance, she’s trying to break up with you on stream, and you’re just… You’re not taking it seriously.”

Sodapoppin responded with a simple statement, which made Mizkif and Veibae giggle. “Good luck!”

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