Sliker Returns

Amiel Rose Andres - January 30, 2023
Sliker Returns

ItsSliker made his first appearance on Twitch since being exposed for defrauding friends and followers of money, and his show was a little unusual.

Twitch streamer ItsSliker was accused of scamming viewers and other streamers of thousands of dollars back in September 2022 before delivering a heartfelt apology. Ludwig, xQc, and others came together to pay back all those who had been harmed while urging Sliker to be taken down from the platform. Sliker went live on his channel for the first time since the event on January 26, and it was a little unusual.

The stream title “This channel is mine now” was shown in quirky font on Sliker’s channel when it went live on January 26. There wasn’t much going on during his feed, but you could hear someone giggling while it was displaying the mask. Sliker claimed that the channel had been “hacked” and that he wasn’t the one streaming, according to chat logs from the broadcast.

Additionally, he stated that the perpetrator of the “hack” was planning to file a ban evasion complaint against him after he was barred from using his alt account earlier in the day. Sliker wrote a post on his Twitter account for the first time since October 2022, so even if it’s unclear what is actually going on with him and his accounts, it is obvious that he is interested in returning. It says, “Thank you for a second chance (in life).”

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