Secret Service Tracking OnlyFans And Twitch Users

Amiel Rose Andres - April 16, 2023
Secret Service Tracking OnlyFans And Twitch Users

According to documents obtained from the US Secret Service, the agency tracks users on less well-known websites like OnlyFans and Twitch as well as more well-known ones like Facebook.

It makes sense to keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter given their influence on politics and popular culture. However, given how they are currently treating them, it appears that intelligence agencies now view newer platforms like Twitch as having an impact that is comparable to that of the established tech giants. Similar to how far-right accounts on Twitter and Facebook were watched after the uprising on January 6th, certain accounts on both platforms are now routinely monitored. 

Even stranger is the admission that OnlyFans content creators are also under surveillance, albeit all account names have been redacted. Additionally, the records revealed that the Secret Service monitors people’ Pinterest accounts. The Secret Service is in charge of protecting the safety and continuation of the American government, according to a Secret Service official.

We will vigilantly monitor all forms of open source communications in strict compliance with the Constitution and all applicable federal laws because we take that mission very seriously. The federal government is also worried about the effects of TikTok on youthful audiences, which is consistent with the US government’s tendency to be skeptical of emerging Internet companies.

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