Sapnap Wins €100,000 Squid Craft 2

Amiel Rose Andres - March 6, 2023
Sapnap Wins €100,000 Squid Craft 2

At the enormous Twitch Rivals Squid Craft 2 tournament, 200 streamers and content creators engaged in days of fierce warfare.

Nick “Sapnap” emerged victorious. He won the Squid Game-inspired Minecraft tournament, which had a prize fund of €100,000 (about US$106K at the moment’s conversion rates). Large North American creators joined the roster of attendees to the massive event, which was coordinated by Spanish Twitch titans El Rubius and Ibai Llanos. The contest kicked off on February 28 and ran through March 5. After winning the 1v1 match for first place against his final opponent, Sapnap responded as follows: “SAPNAP JUST WON SQUID CRAFT 2 + $100,000!!!!”

After a year, Squid Craft made a comeback with a larger cast, turning it into a massive event with hundreds of thousands of people. Its name is a straightforward mashup of the well-known Minecraft sandbox game and the popular Korean Netflix sitcom Squid Game. As suggested by the name, this competition is held in a specially created Minecraft World that was motivated by the television program. The competition, which this time spans six days, includes a variety of games that are either directly adapted from Squid Game or that have been substantially influenced by the game. The competition is reduced when competitors are eliminated, and the final competitor is awarded the medal. 

The final two competitors were Sapnap and Twitch streamer Shadoune666, and the former defeated the latter in a 1v1 battle in Minecraft on top of a mountain. Nick knocked his opponent to the ground and then threw him to the ground to take the lead.

As the credits rolled in the background, this streamer was celebrating by donning a T-shirt with the word “Campeones,” which is Spanish for “champion,” emblazoned on the back. Sapnap boasted that he had correctly foreseen his victory, saying: “See this, guys. I knew I was going to win the whole time. I made Champion merch.”

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