Sapnap Gives $5k to The Small Streamer He Beat in a Challenge

TwitchBeat - April 23, 2021
Sapnap Gives $5k to The Small Streamer He Beat in a Challenge

Popular youtube minecraft streamer Sapnap have revealed that he gave the winning prize of $5000 to the opponent small streamer after winning one of MrBeast’s challenges as it turns out that it didn’t include in the original video. Other than MrBeast’s main Youtube channel, he also has another channel which he named MrBeast gaming where he usually does gaming related challenges with Minecraft being his big favorite.

Now, in MrBeast’s latest youtube video, he has challenged his subscribers to various different small games to win up to thousands of dollars and in a certain challenge, he pitted Minecraft YouTuber Sapnap against 17-year-old small streamer Rockzoo in a test of endurance. Youtuber Sapnap ended up winning the challenge as Rockzoo died first in the game. Sapnap got the $5000 winning prize from MrBeast saying that he felt bad for beating the small streamer.

Shortly after, they went on to evealed outside of the video that Sapnap actually sent the teen all of his winnings from the game as sapnap wrote on twitter; “I gave the kid 5k after winning btw (in the newest MrBeast gaming vid)”. Rockzoo eventually replied stating; “I can confirm he gave me the 5K after it was cut out but thank you so much for being so generous!!!” MrBeast also went on to reply with; “IDK why the editors didn’t put that in lol.” Despite it being cut out of the video, fans of all the creators involved loved seeing the kind gesture, and some even ended up going to Rockzoo’s page and following him as a result.

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