Roflgator Accuses Sodapoppin

Amiel Rose Andres - December 2, 2021
Roflgator Accuses Sodapoppin

Rob “Roflgator” Malecki jokingly accused Chance “Sodapoppin” Morris of being mentally depressed during a recent live stream.

The two broadcasters apart from Jesus “Cyr” Cortez, Jellypeanut, Russell and Burnenator recently collaborated for a livestream. Sodapoppin was sitting alone on the couch when Roflgator and Russell approached him. 

While playing sad music in the background, the two creators posed a series of questions to Sodapoppin. The closing scene was reminiscent of a mental health video, with Sodapoppin as the main character. Sodapoppin appeared to be sitting alone on the couch, thumbing through his phone. The black-and-white video, combined with the sad music in the background, gave the impression of a real mental health video. Roflgator and Russell began by asking some fundamental questions: “Are you suffering from clinical depression? Do you wish you could see Mizkif, or popular streamers so you could be invited to watch the Matrix? Do you wish that you were even a top-30 streamer on Twitch? Do you wish your name didn’t get changed from Final Fantasy XIV?”

In response to Roflgator’s remark about his Twitch viewership, Sodapoppin said that he had about five times the number. Roflgator, on the other hand, wasn’t finished yet, and asked him about his car: “Do you wish that maybe you have just got a s**t Porsche but still get to travel to LA and hang out with cool, popular actors? Do you wish you didn’t lose followers while playing Final Fantasy? Are you gonna skip the lore in Final Fantasy resulting in absolute frustration in the entire community? Are you tired of money being your only personality?”

Sodapoppin appeared to be especially attached to his Porsche, and claimed that there was nothing wrong with the car: “Okay, the Porsche is cool. My Porsche is bad**s.” Roflgator, on the other hand, was not through and delivered some of his greatest insults near the end: “How much was that car again? Are you sick of not being able to fit inside your tiny little Porsche because you are over six feet? Are you tired of having your p**is fit through a toilet paper roll?”

Sodapoppin couldn’t stop laughing at the end and was rendered speechless. He sat on the couch clumsily, appearing to embrace the “role” Roflgator had assigned him near the end. The streamer realized he had no choice but to wait for his friends to finish their queries before continuing.

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