Reddit Mocks Sodapoppin

Amiel Rose Andres - December 8, 2021
Reddit Mocks Sodapoppin

Chance “Sodapoppin” Morris, a Twitch content creator, revealed during a recent stream that he spent a lot of money on shirts a few days after seeing comments on Reddit about his lack of clothing items.

It’s no secret that Sodapoppin has never been regarded as a fashion icon by Twitch viewers. However, it appears that the comments irritated him to the point where he went out and bought a number of clothing in one day to revamp his wardrobe.

Sodapoppin talked about a Reddit comment that he seems to have taken to heart when playing Propnight with other popular Twitch creators like Shroud. The discussion centered on Redditors playing a game that counted how many shirts Sodapoppin had worn in the previous few months. 

While he seemed to have enjoyed the audience’s enthusiasm for his life, Sodapoppin may have been irritated by Redditors’ belief that he only had ten shirts. “Everyone was guessing under the comment. No one was guessing anything in the double digits.”

Rather than pouting or explaining himself to his fans, the popular streamer went for the more radical alternative of buying a bunch of shirts for $1400, which he claims was not one of his greatest moments. “So I spent $1400 on shirts last night. It’s quite embarrassing.”

Sodapoppin’s Twitch chat was quick to mock him for spending so much money on clothing simply because some fans complained that he didn’t have enough. With his popular t-shirt design contests, the streamer has demonstrated some fashion prowess. Including fans as participants creates incredible content for audiences. Fans know that Sodapoppin will rarely be seen in anything that screams “high fashion.” 

While it appears that Sodapoppin will be wearing new shirts on his streams, fans would want to see him perform a clothes haul style video on his channel so that everyone can agree that Chance is, after all, a fashion icon.

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