Quin69 Lashes Out

Amiel Rose Andres - January 25, 2023
Quin69 Lashes Out

Quintin “Quin69,” a Twitch streamer, devoted a livestream to playing Valheim on January 22. He made the decision to play a deathless run, which greatly raised the stakes in the survival game.

When a pack of wolves killed him, the challenge was over before it ever began. After going away, Quin69 exploded on live stream, blaming his axe for his loss. He stated: “It’s that f***king dog s**t axe! That f***king dog s**t axe! That axe is so f***king bad! It was slowing me down and it just got me perma-stunned!” 

In his most recent livestream, which took place on January 16, 2023, Quin69 started his second attempt at completing the Valheim deathless run. For context, the streamer had to remove both the player and the planet anytime he was killed in order to complete a deathless run. On his January 22 livestream, Quintin was engaged in a battle with a drake and zone exploration at the 03:48 second mark. When a pack of wolves started pursuing him, things started to change. The content creator saw this and became alarmed, saying: “Oh s**t, oh s**t! Wait, do I go into the dog zone? No, no, no, we just farm that. Okay. I’ll stand next to the pit and we’ll see how many dogs fall into the pit.”

The streamer’s plan appeared to have failed when wolves managed to pin him down and kill him. Quin69 loudly exclaimed as he died suddenly, mentioning how his deathless streak had ended: “What?! Why wouldn’t you f***king Bonemass?! Well, the run’s over. Our run’s over. Oh my god, my run’s over! Why didn’t I just press the button instantly, bro? It wouldn’t let me f***king…” 

The streamer attributed his slowdown to the axe he was using, saying it was “bad” and slowing him down. Then he elaborated on what he was attempting to accomplish in the game: “What?! I couldn’t do that; I was spamming Bonemass! I’m like, ‘Bonemass, Bonemass!’ And my guy just f***king was just getting staggered and just wouldn’t use Bonemass!”

Then he explained that his character was shocked and encircled by wolves, making it impossible for him to flee: “I’m like, ‘It’s not working,’ and I tried and to f***king move and my character was just like, permanently stun-locked. I was trying to f***king roll. The guy was refusing to roll because he was surrounded by f***king wolves. F**k man!”

A short while later, Quin69 erased both the character and the planet. The 32-year-old started his third attempt at Valheim’s deathless run after considering how he was slain by the wolves.

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