Pokimane With The Weird Questions On Twitter AMA

Amiel Rose Andres - June 19, 2022
Pokimane With The Weird Questions On Twitter AMA

Imane “Pokimane,” a star on Twitch, visited Korea last summer with her streamer friends iGumdrop, Aria, JakeenBake, and others.

Thousands of viewers have tuned in despite the time difference to see her IRL streams with Jake. Poki live streamed her explorations of Korean culture, cuisine, and urban life with her streamer friends. But as with most wonderful things, she had to leave Korea today because she had a flight home. Imane found a way to spice things up with some fan contact despite having a lengthy travel ahead of her by announcing an AMA, or “Ask Me Anything,” on her Twitter account. Needless to say, her fans inundated her Twitter with inquiries, some of which were really bizarre. 

Many inquired about her future travel plans following Korea, as well as whether she will perform at The Quarry and other respectable queries. In light of this, fans have posed some pointed questions. Some even questioned the meaning of existence itself, posing profoundly philosophical questions to her. 

Consider the implications that this question carries. It should go without saying that Pokimane’s AMA tweet called for such thoughtful discussions. 

Many admirers wished her a safe voyage home. The majority of the inquiries concerned her travel to Korea and asked what she thought were the finest and worst aspects. Pokimane might not have many answers because she’s in the plane. Furthermore, the tweet was only sent a few hours ago, so there may be a lot for her to sort through. In the interim, readers might like to relax and watch some Korea VODs.

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