Pokimane Surprises Sodapoppin

TwitchBeat - May 18, 2021
Pokimane Surprises Sodapoppin

Twitch streamer Pokimane is known as one of the most popular female streamer on twitch gaining over 7.8 million followers on her twitch channel making her the one of the most recognizable faces on Twitch without a doubt. Recently, Pokimane went on to surprise twitch streamer Sodapoppin with a 62k Twitch raid and after Sodapoppin received the surprise, he proceeded to jokingly roast pokimane hilariously. Being the most popular female twitch streamer, Pokimane is no doubt earning a higher amount of money.

Recently, during Sodapoppin’s May 17th live broadcast while doing a World of Warcraft stream, Pokimane went on to decide to raid Sodapoppin with over 62 thousand people. However, sodapoppin seemingly not impressed with Pokimane’s decision to host him while he was playing World of Warcraft as instead of thanking Pokimane, he decided to roast her and her chat for coming over to his stream. Sodapoppin stated; “Why? Oh, I’m actually so mad, I’m playing World of Warcraft…. they probably just hosted and they’re probably off doing something in their dumb house, please un host and host someone else.”

Sodapoppin seemingly didn’t want the extra 60 thousand viewers watching him play WoW, but it is clear that he found the whole situation incredibly funny and wasn’t being serious as he even made a few Among Us jokes, hoping to get the attention of the new type of viewer that had just arrived on his channel. He stated, “You guys want to play Among Us? I love Among Us. I don’t if you guys know. I made Among Us.”

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