Pokimane Shares Horror Story

Amiel Rose Andres - March 6, 2023
Pokimane Shares Horror Story

Today, Pokimane launched her Twitch live in a more solemn manner than usual, informing her viewers that she had some items to address after some ladies in her community voiced their worries.

These women informed Pokimane’s manager that someone in the streaming business had been emotionally abusing them and giving them the impression that he had a love relationship with Pokimane. The seasoned streamer acknowledged that some information was even withheld from her for the benefit of her mental health and that she had not yet seen all of the proof provided to her streaming manager. She stated; “I don’t want people to track it back to these girls, as they would prefer to remain anonymous. I don’t want this to become a bigger issue than it was or give this person attention, which unfortunately saying his name or talking about it or witch hunting would do.”

Pokimane did not give the person’s name, but she did indicate that they are “well-networked” in the streaming sector and that they had abused their privilege by appealing to the sympathies of women. She noted that the individual is someone with whom she and numerous other creators have collaborated for years.

Pokimane said that in addition to lying about his relationship with her, the man also pretended to be suicidal in order to win the sympathy of women. The person appeared to utilize mental illness as a means of guilt-tripping women into doing what he desired. She said; “In the industry, I’ve done everything I can to make sure this person isn’t able to repeat this behavior.” According to Pokimane, this person “targeted and manipulated girls” in her community by “falsifying a romantic and sexual relationship” with her. The women affected sent “countless” screenshots and videos of interactions with the individual. 

The offender shared edited screenshots of discussions with Pokimane that implied he was romantically involved with her among other things. Also, it had pictures of ladies in their underwear, one of whom he claimed to be Pokimane. Next, he would try to coerce the women into emailing him unauthorized pictures of them using those images. This person, who occasionally works with Pokimane, has been engaging in these criminal activities for the past two years she has known him, according to the information she was supplied by these women and her manager.

She went on to say, “It is truly some of the most disgusting and deplorable behavior that I’ve ever fucking heard of. And you guys know I’ve seen some shit.”

While Pokimane stated that no legal action could be done against him, she noted that after the company they worked for conducted an investigation into his behavior, the person was fired as a result of her bringing his activities to their attention.

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