Pokimane Offers Thoughts Of Gambling Streams

Amiel Rose Andres - September 19, 2022
Pokimane Offers Thoughts Of Gambling Streams

Imane “Pokimane” Anys is urging Twitch to outlaw gambling streaming in light of the drama surrounding Sliker’s deception of viewers and streamers on Twitch and YouTube into giving him money to support his gambling addiction.

Along with other streamers like Asmongold, Ludwig, and Mizkif, Pokimane has previously expressed her worries about sponsored gambling streams. However, this was the final straw. 

On September 18th, she tweeted; “Like if Twitch should ban gambling.” 

More than 180,000 people liked the tweet, and 4,000 more people commented about it. Hasan Piker chimed in and said: “Twitch isn’t doing anything about it because gambling is too big an industry and generates revenue. It’s also capturing the pro sports scene aggressively as well.” 

Pokimane expressed a similar opinion. But she argued that due to this, Twitch users and celebrities must unite to put pressure on the Amazon-owned platform to change. She said; “That’s why public pressure is necessary, in my opinion. Obviously, they won’t do anything as long as it’s free money for them, but that’s not an outcome I want or am okay with.”

People have been saying it for a very long time. But now that further information regarding Sliker’s severe gambling addiction—and the con games he ran to feed it—has surfaced, it has once again become a topic of conversation. Twitch hasn’t offered any commentary on the matter. However, in the meanwhile, xQc and Ludwig have partnered up to reimburse all the fans who were tricked into handing over money to Sliker.

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