Pokimane Discusses Her ‘Relationship’ with Hasan

TwitchBeat - June 19, 2019
Pokimane Discusses Her ‘Relationship’ with Hasan

Pokimane is one of the most followed and popular female streamers with over 3 million followers.

Pokimane was streaming together with Greek when they reacted to some memes that were made for them. It appeared that the meme about Pokimane and HasanAbi was a sex meme and that the particular meme had caused Pokimane to show disgust during the live broadcast.

Fans made that meme because they speculated that Pokimane and Hasan were secretly seeing each other in the past. Pokimane said that it was really gross and she didn’t really like it. Greek agreed with Pokimane’s statement about the meme and simply laughed it off.

However, Hasan also reacted to Pokimane’s comment on the joke during his own stream on June 17, 2019. Hasan didn’t say much about the subject and simply said “cool”, giving the fans the idea that he is genuinely hurt at Pokimane’s statement.

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